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How does the underfloor heating system fit in with the heating I already have?

Posted by Collister & Glover on Jan 31, 2019 2:16:00 PM
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If you’re looking at having underfloor heating installed or are considering installing it yourself, you’re probably wondering where to start. Which system will work best for you? And will it fit in with the heating you already have?


There are two main types of underfloor heating, electric and water. Each of which have four additional types of underfloor heating, including:
  • Electric; electric heating mats, aluminium foil electric heating mats, loose electric wire systems and in-screed electric wire systems.
  • Water; solid floor system using flat panels, suspended floor system fitting from below, floating floor system using panels and modular heating system panels.


Each of these systems have their benefits and work great but which will most suit your home? Well, the key

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thing to remember is that the type of underfloor heating you need depends on the type of floor you have.


The different types of floor you could have include: a structural floor (for example, concrete), a floor that is fitted (for example, floorboards) and finally, a floor with joists. Each of these floor types require a different underfloor heating system, including: a solid floor system, an overlay system and a suspended or modular system.


Another question you may want answering is how an underfloor heating system will fit in with your existing heating, for example, radiators. They actually work very well together and the pair combined are often seen as a more cost-efficient way to heat up a home. Keeping your existing radiators upstairs allows your boiler to provide hot water for both heating systems as well as hot water for showers and baths. The diagram below shows an example of a four circuit underfloor system, connected to an existing heating system.



How does underfloor heating connect to radiators


In this example, there are three water circuits:

  1. A hot water circuit goes directly from the boiler to the radiator system and then returns to the boiler.
  2. The hot water cylinder is fed directly and returns to the boiler.
  3. The underfloor heating system has a new water circuit from the boiler.


The pump pack that is fitted onto the third circuit feeds a manifold, which splits into four zones or rooms. When controlling your heating systems, your hot water supply and radiators use a timer and temperature controller whilst the underfloor heating system will use a new set of programmable room thermostats.

Another option is to add wiring centres to your heating system; these will allow you to control your boiler and motorised valves. These valves then allow hot water to enter the radiators and underfloor circuits.


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