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Announcing our new Underfloor Heating Range

Posted by Collister & Glover on May 1, 2019 7:23:05 AM
Collister & Glover

Collister and Glover are soon to introduce the new ColGlo Underfloor Heating Product Range. A state-of-the-art underfloor heating system which is adaptable to all flooring types and finishes. Manufactured by ‘Hetta’ a European leader in high quality, high performance under floor heating technologies. The new systems will provide consistent room temperatures and energy savings of up to 30% compared to traditional heating methods such as radiators.

From 1st May 2019, customers will be able to purchase our new UFCH systems designed to be installed over screed floors, suspended floors (both below the joists and above), and floating floors.

You can buy as much or as little as you want, install in one room or fit several kits together.

All three types of the new system use high quality components.

  1. The ColGlo Screed System


For solid and screed floors. The underfloor heating system multi-layer pipes are laid onto an insulation layer, the screed is then poured over the floor. The pipe comes in lengths up to 200m for continuous runs within the floor structure. The 5-layer composite pipe is covered by a manufacturer guarantee for 50 years.

This screed type of system has several advantages, it is widely accepted to be the most cost effective over time, it has the benefit of keeping the floor structure depth exactly the same as it would be without the heating installed, and the heat output of the overall system is excellent.

  1. The ColGlo Suspended System


The suspended floor system can be fitted into joisted floors as well as solid floors where battens are fixed to the floor. Aluminium spreader plates are ideal for underfloor heating applications on suspended floor constructions. They are an easy installation system that is lightweight and have excellent thermal conduction. The plates are suitable for standard joist sizes of 400mm.

Features of Hetta suspended underfloor heating

  • Low profile 25mm polystyrene panels are available to keep build height to a minimum
  • Easily fitted into structural first floors
  • A universal interlocking pipe pattern for quick, easy installation
  • Ideal if you use a boiler & heat pump together
  • Suitable for most applications where the heat loss does not exceed 75W/m²
  1. The ColGlo Floating System


Floating floor systems are in big demand at the moment. Their appeal lies in the fact that they can be easily retrofitted into existing floor areas. Overall the floor is raised by only 25mm. Extruded polystyrene panels that have an insulating foil coating are laid directly onto the existing floor.

There are grooves within the panels with a radius return at each end near a wall and these keep the heating pipe in place. There are no joints or supplementary fittings within the floor space.

The system panels are lightweight and easy to cut with pipe spacings of 200mm and 150mm depending on how much heat output is required.

Heating Efficiency

All of the Hetta systems utilise user friendly slim line thermostats and control units from the Heatmiser range that provide full control of the underfloor heating system. Heatmiser has recently developed ‘Neo’, one the most flexible Smart Room Thermostat solution on the market today. You can read more about the Neo system here.

Benefits of the Neo system include…

  • Smartphone App and web-based control options
  • Smart Profiles enabling users to program time and temperature settings
  • Set-back facility for all room thermostats
  • Improved zonal control – differing temperatures for each room
  • Simple to use modern dial-type thermostats up to fully-programmable networked options.

Installation into a new build or refurbishment

Generally, all of our new underfloor heating systems can be installed in any type of home and under almost any type of flooring. It can be adapted to your individual needs, the room it is in and the flooring type.

Installation in a new-build can also be done retrospectively. Many of our existing customers have said they wanted under floor heating installed when renovating their house. A lot of them said they wanted it added to a new room extension, garden room or conservatory.

Check out our new product line available  in our online store today and enjoy FREE delivery on orders over £50.   Visit the store.

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